I Got Skills offers Futsal Clinics, Camps, Leagues, Tournaments and Open Pick-up Games.

About Futsal

Futsal, the fast paced, skilled game of ball control, where greats like Falcao, Tiago, Pula and Tobias are king.  Many great players like Pele, Ronaldinho and Socrates started playing futsal first and admit their skill and control was developed through futsal, (a word that comes from futbol and the Spanish word sala or French word salon  meaning indoor).  They showed what amazing, beautiful soccer should look like.    Another thing these top players had in common was their true love of the game.  Futsal helped them to love the game, the excitement, the challenge,  and to be confident because they could have fun and be creative.  You could see this in them every time they played.

“In the small confined space, you have to find ways out so awareness and control are essential assets. You learn fast that possession is king and that never changes”.

– Andrés Iniesta, Spain and FC Barcelona.

Top nations such as Brazil, Spain, Italy and Portugal are mixing their futbol and futsal trainings, and are turning out great results.  In fact they are urging Asian nations to do the same.    So why not us?