5 Ways Futsal with I Got Skills Helps to Build Healthy Athletes

There are many transferable skills that youth can acquire through being in a futsal program. Everything learned here goes beyond the field and helps shape responsible and healthy young adults. From improved fitness, athletic performance, self-esteem and socialization skills- the list of benefits that futsal and soccer can bring to our youth is almost endless.

1. Improves Fitness + Health

With childhood obesity on the rise in America, futsal is a great solution to providing consistent exercise. The most obvious benefit of running a ball up and down a field would be an increase in fitness levels and motor skills. Futsal provides aerobic activity mixed with coordination, agility and balance. With regular exercise children are able to burn calories, booth their immune systems, strengthen muscles and bones and increase mental health while reducing stress. This also helps to strengthen lungs, reduce blood sugar levels, regulate blood pressure and improve energy levels! Guidelines from the Department of Health and Human Services say that ages 6 and older should be getting a minimum of an hour of physical activity every single day. This can be hard when it’s not fun or exciting, which is why futsal is the perfect way to get them moving enough without it feeling like exercise. Instilling the habit of being active at a young age will likely follow them throughout their life once they are used to it being a part of their lifestyle!

2. Creates good Team Players

The ability to cooperate well with others is a skill that youth athletes will learn playing futsal and will bring with them throughout their entire lives. Children participating in team sports generally make better communicators since it puts them in situations where they need to express themselves and communicate effectively for the team to succeed. By learning to work well with others in a team setting, they will be more prepared to work on group projects in school and in a career setting once they get there.

3. Increases Academic Performance

Participating in athletics has been known to improve the cognitive and memory functions of the brain, helping kids perform better on tests and academics overall. Regular physical activity can boost observational skills and improve focus. Since sports require dedication and discipline, these traits also carry over to the classroom. Physically active kids have been shown to have up to 40 percent higher test scores and 20 percent higher GPA’s.

4. Enhances Self-Esteem

Building a solid foundation of self-esteem in children is very important as it sets them up for how they move through their teen years and adult life. It is one of the most important qualities we can instill in our youth. Through sports, they are able to enhance their self-esteem and confidence by gaining a positive image of their healthy bodies and the physical skills that they have developed. Positive interactions kids have with coaches, teammates and parents foster this kind of growth and development. Many parents have noted how they have seen an improvement in their childs’ confidence and self-esteem through our futsal programs!

5. Boosts Socialization Skills

Organized sports gives children opportunities to socialize outside of their usual circles at school, neighborhoods, and away from social media. Through our club, children are introduced to teammates from all over the city in a space where interacting with different personalities and cultures is made easy.

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