“I learned all about life with a ball at my feet”
― Ronaldinho

About us

Mission: Developing confidence and character through soccer.

To get the world playing soccer by teaching and promoting the game.  I Got Skills will offer the best coaching, encourage free play, and build soccer facilities and public places to play.

Our Story

In 2008 I Got Skills founder Jason Popkin had a vision to “Promote and improve the game of soccer”. He started Hawaii Street Soccer and Monday in The Lot, a weekly pick up Street Soccer game played in a parking lot at Kapiolani Park. Monday in The Lot eventually moved to Wilson Park and has since hosted some of the worlds best street soccer players and freestylers. Some of the original Monday in The Lot crew still play together, and are now coaching the next generation of players.

In 2011, recognizing a need for technical skills development, Hawaii Street Soccer became I Got Skills, and launched its first youth soccer camp. The first and only soccer camp in Hawaii to focus on individual player needs. Offering a fun but structured environment, I Got Skills brings joy to soccer as our players unleash their creativity. They gain confidence to play to their full potential and want to keep playing, learning, and developing all day long.

We teach various aspects of the game including footwork, moves, turns, passing, receiving, dribbling, shooting, and heading. We also teach off the ball movement and help our players improve their soccer “vision” and ability to make quick decisions. We also offer Speed and Agility training, making our players Faster, Stronger, and more agile.

I Got Skills is about promoting self confidence through soccer. We believe in striving to be the best in every aspect of life..

Over the years I Got Skills has also hosted small sided Tournaments, Leagues, and continues promote Pick up games.

More Information

Interested in more information about #1 Soccer Skills Experience. Check out testimonials from former campers and parents of players I Got Skills has worked with.