HIIT 101- How to get a soccer workout in only 10 minutes

Recently, we spotted John Terry sharing a HIIT workout on his social media platforms. John Terry is a retired professional footballer or soccer player who played for a huge club in England called Chelsea. His all-out treadmill workout goes 20 seconds on, 40 seconds off at an incline for 20 minutes. Although he uses a treadmill for his HIIT workouts, they can be easily be designed to be done without one, using only bodyweight.
Read more about his ultimate HIIT workout here: 

HIIT isn’t just for professional athletes or highly conditioned players- it’s for everyone! Read on to discover how you can work it into yours and your children’s routines.

So.. What exactly is HIIT?

HIIT Stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This is short bursts of high-intensity activity followed by brief intervals of low-intensity activity. Recovery intervals are the same length or longer than intervals of exercise. The higher the intensity of the movements, the shorter the duration.

3 Reasons to Incorporate HIIT

Be efficient and effective with your workout. HIIT can burn the same amount or more calories than a longer, medium or lower-intensity workout. It rev’s up the metabolic rate which in turn burns more calories and fat. This happens not only during the workout, but for hours after! These workouts typically range from 10-30 minutes, making them a good, flexible option to add into the day.

Several studies have shown that adding physical activity into the day gets blood (and therefore oxygen) flowing through the body- and to the brain. This, in turn, helps with overall cognitive function and memory. HIIT is a great option because it’s quick and invigorating. Read more about one of these studies here:

One of our favorite parts about HIITL you can do it anywhere, at any time with no equipment. This makes it easy to work in as a study break or before hopping in the shower in the morning.

Here’s a Simple HIIT workout to try at home:

Go all-out for 20 seconds then take 40 seconds to rest between movements. You can do the above circuit once, or repeat it two or three times. Feel free to save and print this to have on hand!

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