Private Soccer Lessons: Finding the Right Personal Trainer Your Athlete

It is important to train as a group but also 1:1 with a trainer who can really lean in and spend some time working with your athlete, giving them personal attention and getting them to where they want to be while motivating and supporting them through the process.

Private training is what’s going to set your athlete apart from the rest of the group by highlighting and building their skills and confidence.

Coach Jason Private Soccer Training

Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to decide on a coach to help take your player to the next level:

They see your child as an individual and not just another player on the field.

Trainers who take time to get to know and observe their players can better understand their strengths and weaknesses to make their individual training more effective instead of a “one program fits all”. Do they care about their athletes off the field and push them to succeed, learn and grow in all areas?

Observe how they work with your athlete.

Are they attentive, motivational and a good communicator? Are they patient yet to the point? Do they take time to get to know your athlete and what their goals are? 

Soccer Coach Finn

Licensing and certifications are important, YES- But they don’t mean everything.

For example: An older trainer could have several certifications that accumulate over the years but not be as invested in the sport (where is their head/heart at?). A younger trainer could maybe have less certifications but be ALL IN, constantly learning, growing, evolving and wanting to pass on their passion and expertise. This obviously is just an example but could be something to consider. Something else important to consider: are they continuously working to better themselves as an individual, coach and mentor?

What does your athlete want?

What are their goals vs. your goals? How will a potential trainer work with them to help them reach their goals? Sometimes your athlete may click better with certain trainers better than others. It doesn’t meant that one is necessarily any better than the other, they may just mesh better with your athlete. It’s important that your athlete is comfortable with them and can build a good relationship with them. Do they know how to motivate your athlete and push them to be the best version of themselves?

Look at their track record.

What age groups do they have experience with? A coach who is seasoned in coaching 6-10 year olds might not be the optimal trainer for your high school athlete. A coach who primarily trains older skilled athletes may not be the best fit for a younger athlete just getting into the game. This doesn’t mean they’re not great coaches, but like we mentioned above- its about finding the coach that meshes well with your athlete. It’s important they have the right experience for where your player is at while still encouraging and helping them to grow to the next level.

And last but not least, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Just because a coach may not look or talk the same as you or have the same socioeconomic background- that does not transfer over to their level of passion, experience, skill, love for the game or ability to be a great role model and trainer for your athlete.

Ready to find a great local 1:1 Trainer for your Soccer or Futsal athlete?

At I Got Skills, we have private and small group training offers a fun and educational atmosphere to improve soccer skills, touch and finishing.
Our technical training generates results, quickly. You will see a difference in touch and game play almost immediately.


1 on 1:  1 Player and 1 Coach.

Semi-Private: 2 Players with 1 Coach.

Small Group: 3-6 Players with 1 Coach.  

Zoom Training:  Online, 1 Player and 1 Coach.



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