Weighted Soccer Training Ball


The best ball for increasing the power of your strike.  The Komborrah weighted ball has the feel of a normal ball, but the extra weight helps develop a stronger, more powerful shot.

Thermally-bonded covers to ensure minimal water absorption that allows weight and shape consistency even on wet surfaces.

HAND stitched for soft touch and durability

Improve your soccer skills, Shooting power and Technique with the KOMBORRAH Weighted Ball.

KOMBORRAH Weighted ball comes in different sizes and weights for different age groups and needs:
Size 3 is for kids U8 and comes in 1 lb.
Size 4 is for U12 and comes in 1.5 lbs.
Size 5 is for 12 yrs and above and come in both 1.5 lbs and 2 lbs.

Weighted Soccer Training Ball

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